Nepal: Preventing Trafficking in Women and Girls


Women protest against human trafficking in Nepal. (Photo: Mark Naftalin)

Nepal is both a "destination country" and "exporter" of trafficked women and girls. The dire conditions drew attention of the CEDAW Committee which offered recommendations for Nepal to adopt a stronger legal framework in response to the high numbers of women and girls trafficked within and outside of Nepal. In 2007, Nepal enacted the "Human Trafficking and Transportation (Control) Act" in line with Article 6 of the CEDAW treaty.

This new law on human trafficking uses a more comprehensive definition of "trafficking" than previous legislation, and has improved measures for prosecuting traffickers, providing justice and appropriate services to survivors of trafficking, and raising awareness of the prevalence and consequences of human trafficking. The law has special measures to identify and prosecute trafficking of children. Advocates are using the law to bring about change and provide support to victims of trafficking.